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Paul Allott – GCSE Awards Evening Guest of Honour!

Although a little pared down this year, it was pertinent to be reminded that celebrating success is at the heart
of what we do, and it was a pleasure to recognise the hard work, tenacity and achievement of so many of our
students. We may have only had a third of our usual numbers in the Hall for the event, however, it was a
splendid evening.
It was a great pleasure to welcome back Paul Allott to the School as Guest of Honour. Paul,
an old boy of the School, played 13 Test matches and 13 One Day Internationals for England. When Paul retired
he became a commentator for Sky Sports and in 2017 took on the role of Director of Cricket at Lancashire.
Paul delivered an inspirational speech focusing on how his education at AGSB had been seminal to his success
in cricket and beyond.
Headmaster Graeme Wright


Published Date: 24th October 2021
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2021 Newsletter and all the way back to 1945!

Antony Perrett has once again done a great job in producing this year’s Newsletter.
Click below to see for yourself!

At a previous Annual Reunion Dinner (and there will be another one as soon as Covid 19 is out of the way) I was asked if we could make the Newsletters from previous years, available online. Well, here they are!

A big thank you to Paul Atkinson who sent me copies of the 1971 and 1972 Newsletters, to Ken Webb (1954-61) for lending me his file of Newsletters, and also to Peter Monether (1963-70) for scanning his copies! Ian Stephen (1949-54) has sent me a box full of goodies which include an extra seven Newsletters!

Happy reading,

Colin Bamford (1965-1967)
President, Old Altrinchamians

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Published Date: 19th October 2021
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A New Book from Old Boy David Howe

The fascinating new book from David Howe

Everything we use started life in the earth, as a rock or a mineral vein, a layer of an ancient seabed, or the remains of a long-extinct volcano.
Humanity’s ability to fashion nature to its own ends is by no means a new phenomenon. Rocks rich in silica were made into flints in the Stone Age, transformed into stained glass in medieval times, and are now extracted for silicon chips. Our trick of turning rocks rich in malachite and chalcopyrite into copper has taken us from Bronze Age Minoan vases to the wiring that powers modern-day machinery.
Today, we mine, quarry, pump, cut, blast and crush the Earth’s resources at an unprecedented rate. We shift many times more rock, soil and sediment each year than the world’s rivers and glaciers, wind and rain combined. Plastics alone now weigh twice as much as all the marine and terrestrial animals around the globe. We have become a dominant, even dangerous, force on the planet.
In Extraction to Extinction, David Howe traces our environmental impact through time to unearth how our obsession with endlessly producing and throwing away more and more stuff has pushed the planet to its limit. And he considers the question: what does the future look like for our depleted world?


Published Date: 15th September 2021
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ALAN LAVER {James Alan Saville Laver}

Many around the local area were devastated to hear of the sudden death of Alan Laver last Friday 30th July 2021 aged 68 years. Alan was a Freeman of Altrincham with Aldermanic status, a Past Provost of Altrincham, Clerk to Altrincham Court Leet & Deputy Baron Steward of Dunham Massey.

Alan grew up in Bowdon, attending The Keld Nursery school in Bowdon, Oldfield Brow Primary school and Altrincham Grammar School for Boys. Attending AGSB, Alan followed in the footsteps of his father Jimmy & Uncle Charles Laver. Alan’s grandfather had been the founding headmaster of the school, Laurence Saville Laver. Alan’s working life was connected with computers with Barclays & Lloyds.

After school Alan attended the University of Reading – the National College of Food Technology. His working life started as a trainee programmer in 1974 with Barclays Bank in London & he was amongst the first cohorts to start at Radbroke Hall after it was bought by Barclays to become the banks Innovation Centre. New challenges dawned in London, Jamaica, Miami, Cayman Islands, Puerto Rico & the Channel Island as he worked for a Computer Systems Agency before starting a 37-year career with TSB, Lloyds TSB & Lloyds taking on a variety of roles from Project Manager/ Consultant; Senior architect to Solution Architect, retiring in 2011. Alan had been a very experienced IT professional in the Banking sector who had an eye for detail and having had a broad range of experience gained across the wide range of banking systems within the Group and was actively engaged during past mergers.

“Alan was good to work with and was always trying to improve and move things on.” “He applied himself to projects to ensure a thorough design incorporated current standards and principles. He was a good team player.”

Alan was immensely proud of his AGSB connections. During the lead up to the Euro 2020 final he reminisced about Ladram Bay & School Camp which had been an essential part of his childhood holidays. In 1966 staff & fathers all watching the World Cup final in the local pub.

Since a heart attack in 1994 Alan stoically battled with heart issues. Alan dying suddenly at home is reminiscent of his own father’s death in 1966, uncles’ death in 1978 & grandfathers’ death in 1933 but as he was told in 2004, after a quadruple bi pass, that thanks to the NHS & the improvements in medical science he was in a better place.

Alan enjoyed a variety of pastimes but in the past 10 years was heavily involved with badminton playing 4 times a week with different groups. With Hale & District U3A, he became the badminton coordinator & the Beacon administrator. Many around Halecroft park would regularly see Alan on his ‘dog walk’ which he continued after having had Westies for 22 years. Alan loved helping people in so many ways and was known for his caring attitude and great sense of humour.

Many knew of his great love of cars and tackling the mechanics of all his classic cars over time & going on courses to enable him to carry out making seats & renewing a soft top.

Alan was a Freeman of Altrincham with Aldermanic status, a Past Provost of Altrincham, Clerk to Altrincham Court Leet & Deputy Baron Steward of Dunham Massey.

Alan was a loving husband to Denise for over 40 years and was a very devoted family man to his three children and little grandson, William.

Alan’s funeral is to take place on Thursday 19th August at Dunham Road Unitarian Chapel at 12 noon. All who knew him are welcome to attend.

In February this year Alan helped start the Hale &Hearty Defibrillators scheme, which after Euro2020, made him more determined to provide defibrillators for the community, as he had been lucky in 2019 to have been close to one at Altrincham Market

No flowers please as they are for the living to enjoy but donations for Hale & Hearty Defibrilators will be gratefully received in his memory. An initiative he helped set up with Hale Civic Society to provide defibrillators in the area.

Donations may be sent to Ashton Brookes Funeral Directors, Churchside, Church Street, Altrincham WA14 4DB  or via Hale&Hearty Defibs Just giving page.

In Alan’s memory it is felt important to carry on with the campaign as it was close to his heart & important for the community.



Published Date: 9th August 2021
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Sad Death of Bill Astorga.

We are sad to learn of the death of Bill Astorga.
At the grand old age of 94 he must have been the oldest of the Old Altrinchamians!
Billy Astorga 2nd from the left in the back row.
Pictures from Brian Clark’s great book, a Century of Football.


Published Date: 28th July 2021
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Ref Praised for Alertness!

Sale and Altrincham Messenger on old boy Anthony Taylor.


Published Date: 25th June 2021
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Old Alts Golf Day 2021



Published Date: 15th May 2021
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Another New Crest!


The Old Alts are pleased to be able to donate another great crest to enhance the interior of the new teaching block!


Published Date: 25th April 2021
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The Work is Finished!

98E930B9-DA39-4CCB-B78A-49E7DC250C9DThe Head, Graeme Wright, told us this week that the new teaching block is now complete and is being used by Year 13 boys.

Alan Simpson from 10architect has provided these superb drone pictures.


Published Date: 25th April 2021
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Film-Maker Alex Bescoby

Exciting news! Old Alt, Alex Bescoby (Grammar Productions) has produced a documentary entitled Buena Onda: The Tale of Ronny Scott.
Scott’s exploits are about to become recognised around the world thanks to award-winning film-maker Alex Bescoby, who travelled to Argentina to meet the war veteran.
His film, Buena Onda: The Tale Of Ronny Scott, is being released Friday 19th March, and you can read all about it here.


Published Date: 20th March 2021
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